Bersihkan Imej Polis

Bersihkan Imej Polis


Kalau ada yang masih ingat, akhir Mac lalu saya ke Sabak Bernam untuk program anjuran Akademi Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia.

Tan Sri Musa Hassan, bekas IGP hadir sebagai panel forum berkenaan integriti.

Ini adalah hasilnya.

Saya puas hati dengan artikel ini.

Waktu menulis, saya hanya niatkan agar ia menjadi sesuatu yang boleh mempengaruh barisan kepimpinan PDRM sekarang untuk giat memulih imej badan itu.

Dapatkannya di akhbar Kosmo! hari ini.

Ali Imran
Wartawan Awam


Kerja Kosong di Bernama

Selepas berkali-kali promosi kerja kosong di tempat orang lain, kali ini dapat juga saya promosi kerja kosong di tempat saya kerja – Pertubuhan Berita Nasional Malaysia (BERNAMA).

Sila perhatikan baik-baik.

1. Ujibakat Peneraju (DJ) di Bernama Radio 24

Tarikh: 11 April 2015 (ESOK!!!)

Tempat: Tingkat 15, Wisma Bernama, Off Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur

Masa: 9 pagi – 6 petang


2. Wartawan Kadet (klik)

kerja kosong bernama 2

3. Eksekutif Gaji (klik)

4. Eksekutif Perhubungan Media dan Pengurusan Acara  (klik)

5. Eksekutif Jualan  (klik)

6. Pegawai Khidmat Pelanggan (klik)


Semoga berjaya!


Ali Imran

Wartawan Awam

Vacancies – Reporters and Interns

Job Vacancies

Source: Telum Media Malaysia Alert, 7th April 2015

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The Malay Mail is looking for Reporters to join its business desk (DIGITAL)
The Malay Mail business desk is expanding its digital footprint, and is looking for graduates and school leavers who are keen to explore the unknown. Successful candidates will be given on-hand training by the Business Editor at The Malay Mail. This is an opportunity for youngsters to get involved in the world of journalism at the time when information dissemination is becoming a vital part of the business sector. Interested individuals may email Kazi Mahmood, the Business Editor at or with your CV and portfolio. is looking for a News Writer is looking for a News Writer to cover national news, politics, and current issues. Someone who is resourceful, fast, creative. If you’re a closet tech geek, that would be awesome too. Send your resume to

They are also looking Contributors to write on topics they are passionate about, for the consumption of young 20-somethings – latest gadgets, relationship advice, the rakyat’s financial woes or bad hashtag habits. Send writing samples or propose ideas to

Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur is looking for interns
Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur is looking for editorial and photography interns with a flair for writing and an eye for detail. Send your CV to

Dow Jones recruiting Energy Reporter in Singapore
Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal are looking for a Reporter to cover Asia’s vibrant and growing energy markets. The goal on the beat is to break market-moving news through exclusive stories and scoops of insight. The Reporter will be expected to develop deep sources within the energy community including traders, producers, consumers and analysts, so that they can bring the most up-to-date insight and information to our global readers. The role will include filing market reports and market talk items, but there will be ample opportunity for the Reporter to write longer stories that tap into the deeper trends or personalities shaping the markets. The Reporter will be part of the Asia commodities team and will work closely with Reporters in the region as well as in New York and London.

The ideal candidate should be at home writing both short and long-form articles, and be comfortable both flashing headlines and delving into market data. Experience building deep sources and understanding of energy markets are musts.

Interested candidates can submit a cover letter and detailed resume stating their qualifications, contact details and current and expected salary via

TripSales is hiring
TripSales is looking to hire a full-time Writer to create travel and lifestyle articles. Fresh graduates and Junior Writers are encouraged to apply.

Please send CVs and writing samples to


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